Module 1

Sustainable Food Systems and Diets

Module 2

Strategies towards Sustainable Diets

Module 3

The Food Cycle

Module 4

Sustainability in Dietetic Practice

Sustainability in Dietetics

In our modern world, we all need to contribute to reducing the global impact of climate change and consider social and economic aspects related to food choice and intake. Dietitians have a role in promoting sustainable and healthy diets. This course was built upon dietitians' voices and the rationale that it would be useful for dietitians to increase knowledge and have practical materials and resources to embed sustainability in their dietetic practice.

Over the four following modules of self-directed learning, 16 leading experts explain some of the complex concepts of sustainability and provide tools to translate knowledge into practice via lectures, case studies, sustainable meals and recipes as well as additional links and resources.

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Module 1

The Human Microbiome

Module 2

The role of diet and gut microbiota in health and disease

Module 3


Module 4


Health Through Gut

The important association between diet, gut health and overall health is supported by significant amounts of emerging evidence. It is an ever-increasing area of research and focus, and this course will explain how they are connected and the impact of probiotics and prebiotics in supporting good health. 

Over the four following modules of self-directed learning, 7 leading experts from Europe and the U.S. explain the role of the gut microbiome and its interaction with health and disease and provide lectures and resources to improve your knowledge in the area of gut microbiota as well as probiotics and prebiotics to help you embed this knowledge into dietetic practice. 

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Module 1

Why using social media?

Module 2

Get started on social media

Module 3

Create text and infographics

Module 4

Create your own website

Module 5

Build and engage with your audience 

Module 6

Measure success and engagement rates 

Module 7

Standards of Ethics and Professionalism

Module 8

General Data Protection Regulation

Digital Nutrition Communication

Social media has a major role and impact on our lives, yet many dietitians would like to know more and increase their confidence on how to use it properly. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this course will help you get a good understanding of how to use social media to promote yourself and connect with others while maintaining your professionalism.

Our experts are a selection of dietitians and other professionals who are hugely experienced in social media. Through a series of video lectures, they break through the jargon and give practical, real-world tips to guide you through the process of getting started on social.

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